Ethio Telecom Branding Strategy (360°)

Our assignment for the national ethiopian telecommunication company ethio telecom™ has been very wide, from defining the new corporate culture, to build the visual platform and the tone of voice they have now implemented. The result is a constitent and simplified corporate dynamics design. It is fully part of the transformation program Ethio telecom is  going through  and help them to engage emotional dialogues with customers.

Project Scope

01 - Market Benchmark

Ethio telecom™  is in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market which is an highly competitive market. FMCG* are products sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. Examples include non-durable goods such as soft drinks, toiletries, grocery items and telecom products. Choice are quickly decided and driven by impulsive emotional reasons.

Solution: Building a strong Brand and maintaining a constant dialogue to be present in customer's mind and environment.

02 - Strategic Positioning & Corporate Culture

As triple play operator providing fixed line, mobile and internet access, ethio telecom core services are based on Interpersonal relationship.

Solution: Sharing. The key value of ethio telecom™ is to allow all Ethiopians to share their thoughts and culture.

03 - Branding & Guidelines

Communication axes: Shared Emotions™
Visuals axes: Simple, Welcoming, Modern, Emotional
Tone of voice: Straightforward, Simple, Engaging, Emotional

04 - Branding Launch process

Defining strategic marketing actions.
Defining needed resources, timeline, money, scope.
Coordinating the Brand Committee
Defining Branding Department Team
Operational implementation road map designed (173 direct shops, web portal, advertising..)

05 - Deliverables

Branding Strategy
Corporate culture
Visual Guidelines
Stores External and internal Design (173 shops)
Shops furnitures design (desks, benches, sofas, products displays)
Customers Journeys Design
Marketing communication material
Employees communication material
Vehicle fleet
Corporate papers